“Psychological effects of war on children” distinct seminar in Riyadh


“Psychological effects of war on children” distinct seminar in Riyadh

The centre for Syrian freedoms (Horiat) in cooperation with “the center for studies and research” in “Watan” held a seminar in Riyadh, Monday evening 28/10/2013, the special guest of the seminar was Dr. Anwar Malik – the former observer at the Arab League to Syria, also he’s a jurist and writer, and with the participation of Dr. Molhem Al-Heraki – specialist of General Psychiatry and psychotherapy for children and adolescents, and presented by Amer Abdulhaiy the team director of “SADA” in Riyadh.

The seminar, which was characterized by raising of the issue and the content;  with the intimate dialogue which elaborated by Dr. Anwar Malek, speaking of his observations bitter, and the crimes against the Syrian people practiced by the Syrian regime, which is genocide against humanity, also he discussed about how to document such crimes as evidence of guilt and condemnation, and how to monitor crime and the preservation of evidence technicians, and documenting the testimony of witnesses who “may they also become martyrs! ”
The former observer inspired his convictions said: The Syrian revolution is a revolution of freedom and dignity, not bread revolution! And we should support it as it express the opinion of a free and ancient people like the Syrian people.
And he addressed the dubious practices of the regime during the visit of the delegation of Arab observers to Syria, and the cheap means pursued by this regime to them and try to entice them to buy their consciences with money or women or absenteeism facts and witnesses, and security harassment and intimidation.
Also Dr. Anwar revealed during the seminar about the threats which he had received and still receiving continuously by whom counted on the Syrian regime; by liquidation, murder and persecution, as well as charges of treason and espionage, etc., in order to undermine his clear, principled and moral position that reject of what is happening to the Syrian people from the regime and its militia. He pointed out what influenced him the most in the Syrian revolution is the suffering of the Syrian children of killings, and brutal torture which hasn’t been seen by the civilized world for centuries, or what they see from the violence of their loved ones and their families and relatives, and he talked about the views of many Syrian children who came to regard death as salvation and to realize their dream to go to heaven and enjoy electricity, food, watching TV and games!
Dr. Molhem Al-Heraki who gave an inspiring vision for the mission of this case and the mental illness that struck Syrian children, or those that may later affect them, in addition to the reasoning statistics on dealing with the situation of children who have been subjected to harsh views or placed under arrest or in jail, Dr. Al-Heraki worked to spread the reassurance and optimism for the future of the children of Syria, who make up the reality of the future of Syria,  from the ability to override this serious ordeal practiced by the regime on children and the future of Syria, and he pointed to an academic studies show that the infection rate of damage to children does not exceed 6% in such circumstances and situations absorbed by their memory, according to their method of treatment or exceed their psychology flexible; and Dr. Al-Heraki called to the need to promote institutions and specialized centers to address the treatment of children infected and affected by the ordeal, and the need for solidarity between organizations and various institutions of society, the fact that it’s a big ordeal, especially on children and the occurrence of various segments of society, especially from rebellious areas.
Dr. Anwar Malek concluded his speech about the experience of the Syrian revolution, which has worked to an important change in his life, and increased his concern and adhere attitudes toward the principled victory of the oppressed Syrian people that ” the country worthier than the Asad”.
At the end of the seminar Mr. Rabe’a Al-sebai the director of Watan in Riyadh award honorary shields for each of Dr. Anwar Malek and Dr. Molhem Al-Heraki for their participation at the seminar.





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